Monday, February 05, 2007

a short Seattle video

My grandaughter Hailey has long hair now ! It has been too long since I have seen her .

Thursday, May 25, 2006

brennan manning seminar

Was invited by Gary to go see Brennan Manning at Ashland college.
His 'ragamuffin gospel' book is a stirring story of God's love for us when we are at our 'worst' . Brennan's bio on his website chronicles some relapses, God's love breaks through to him each time.
Mel Gibson has been to rehab too, and look how God uses him. Our strength is not in our religiosity , but in His great , unconditional, Abba affection and security.
Brennan encouraged us not to be caught up stuck on 'past sins' . The father's longing is ever to love on us, in our present state , just as we are, and us to Him .

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Swanton Oh park

My son had a high school baseball game today ( Tuesday) at the beautiful park and Rotary field in Swanton.
There were a couple of dozen young people on and around the nearby basketball court. Seeing a chance to get in a good workout , I jumped in line as the young people were shooting baskets to choose teams. They welcomed me in. The game was full court and fun. I took about 30 minutes to do this. My son told me later it was ok.
Todays' young people are immersed in a course society .
The basketball court was full of 'f-bomb' vulgarities Two short boys told me they are in the 8th grade. They shared a cigarette between games. I gently admonished them. There is a better way.
I was the only adult on the court, a couple of boys were out of high school, they said. Young people want someone to genuinely care about them , even in a small way like a ball game. My church teaches us to do that , we call it sharing God's love in a practical way . See .
Talk of drugs and gang 'belonging' was on that court. When I asked these precious young people if they had a dad that cared about them, most said yes. A couple said no. They were clearly open to attention from a stranger like me . Dads , uncles , granddads , neighbors, there is no greater privelage than to invest in these children. It is not the job of the local law enforcement to do this.
These children are thirsty sponges, emotionally, spiritually . A couple were open to going to church on Easter Sunday Will someone take them there?
This is duplicated all over NW Ohio and America today- children unconnected with a close adult.
I may be back there next spring, if there is an away ball game in Swanton. And I'll look to see if my basketball friends are still there.

Friday, October 21, 2005

left behind !!!

left behind movie ' !! It previews this weekend in area churches , rather than theaters.
I don't agree with the 'rapture' theory of this movie. But it gets people thinking about God , and the times we live in, and it is well done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Oh, not another mens' group ! That was my initial thought about this new group.
But going today at 6 am , it was challenging, informative, encouraging. Thank you Grace churc h and Dan Shaffer.
As men, it is too easy to go it alone. We are lone wolves. And there are traps and temptations everywhere along the journey of life. We need real encouragement.
mens fraternity is nationwide, and real !

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ernest Berry for Toledo city council

He's 21, a recent U.T. grad , blind , a life-long East-Sider, running for Toledo City Council, with a vision to get college grads to stay in Toledo !
Meet Ernest Berry. ( and his guide dog Calypso)

See his itinerary at

I'm on his campaign team, and having a blast. He needs campaign donations, you can do that at his website !! He is buying 500 yard signs next.
Donate to the cause ! Toledo needs a sharp young person like Ern ~!

Monday, May 30, 2005



Memorial day, formerly decoration day...
Seth led the Sons of the Legion group in the parade. He carried the stars and stripes from the Legion hq to the cemetary. Then a great speech by a former HS principal name Stockwell. The flag symbolizes so much. It is freedom that is spread around the world by our guys. They are willing to risk all to do this . Freedom is so precious. We will lose it if we stay lukewarm about it.
Frostbrn , Seth and I need to get to Dayton Veterans' cemetary some day. There is my dad interred, WWll vet , I've never been down there yet.

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